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The KPA Report and News

Every month, KPA Strategies shares a newsletter with information and advice for all things related to public affairs campaigns and public relations, as well as investigative and opposition research. Take a look at some of our previous editions below and be sure to subscribe to receive next month’s KPA Report newsletter.

27, Apr 2022
KPA Report - April 27, 2022

The KPA Report April 2022: Tips, Tric

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11, Mar 2022
KPA Report - March, 2022
Thinking about running for local political office in California? You can make a difference as a member of the county board of supervisors, city council, school board, water, park, or other special districts. Tired of reading about political controversy on the nightly news, want to be a part of a change movement?  
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22, Dec 2021
KPA Report - December 22, 2021
‘Tis the Season for Hackers, Phishers and Cybercriminals. As we celebrate the holiday season, it is important to remember that you are more at risk of falling victim to a phishing attack during a time when more people are online shopping for holiday gifts and seasonal deals. So, to avoid giving hackers an early holiday gift of passwords and credit card numbers, make sure you always stop, look, and think before you click on any links.
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19, Nov 2021
KPA Report - November 18, 2021
November KPA Report: Conversation with An Attorney - What Candidates for Public Office Should Know. This month’s report is one in an occasional series of conversations between KPA President, Dan Kramer, and lawyers/law firm clients that KPA has worked with in a litigation support role.
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27, Oct 2021
KPA Report - October 27, 2021
Since April 2020, KPA Strategies has been part of a public affairs holding company and a key cog in an integrated full-service outfit with an award-winning team of professionals across all political and public affairs disciplines. That company – Core Strategic Group...
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29, Sep 2021
KPA Report - September 29, 2021
Every profession has its tradition, stereotypes, and mythology. Political opposition research is no different. At the base level, research consists of gathering information to compare and contrast in the development of polling, messaging, and ultimately to shape public and voter opinions...
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