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The KPA Report and News

Every month, KPA Strategies shares a newsletter with information and advice for all things related to public affairs campaigns and public relations, as well as investigative and opposition research. Take a look at some of our previous editions below and be sure to subscribe to receive next month’s KPA Report newsletter.

18, Aug 2021
KPA Report - August 18, 2021
A number of these principles can be applied to almost any business setting. It’s always a good idea to brush up on these “rules of the road,” whether you are a first-time campaign manager, consultant, or a seasoned professional strategist.
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22, Jul 2021
KPA Report - July 22, 2021
In the last KPA Report email, we shared advice for navigating a crisis. Now it’s time to address the post crisis aftermath. Sometimes an organization emerges unscathed from a crisis.
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24, Jun 2021
KPA Report - June 24, 2021
Crisis communications planning and execution is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization from unwanted or unwarranted negative publicity with the potential for reputational damage.
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26, May 2021
KPA Report - May 26, 2021
The KPA Strategies team wanted to share perspective into how a general consultant can utilize opposition research for campaigns and polling. Dan Kramer, President of KPA Strategies and Jamie Fisfis, President of Chariot Campaigns.
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28, Apr 2021
KPA Report - April 28, 2021

If you are a political consultant, or thinking about becoming a candidate for elected office, you know that one of th

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16, Mar 2021
KPA Report - March 16, 2021

Good opposition research can help provide the winning margin of victory in a political campaign. 

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